Friday, June 10, 2016

Let’s learn to LOVE…

The momentary sight at cremation still has my heart palpitate and fear run down my spines.  A woman was in pain, tears inevitably overflowing her pretty eyes, and I was there dumbfounded, emotionally struck by moaning souls. Grief-stricken, words playing about her stammering tone, the woman has lost her daughter to the death. She is in disbelief that her daughter has now only remained as the corpse, but the grief weighed upon her heart is beyond the imagination of those who experienced no demise of one’s close ones.
The more painful sight I witnessed at the spot was the few years old child who has lost her mother at so young age and she doesn’t even know her mother has passed away. I wonder what it would be like to feel when she is grown enough to know that her mother has left the world since she was three. So innocent and bereft of any idea about death, the child was piteously playing with other kids and it pained me even more knowing that she has to confront the worldly affairs without a mother. Her mother’s affection has ceased before she learnt what mother’s love is.
More people were shredding tears and the vast sky in its gloomy temperament, shone no sun as if it understood the pain people were going through the very day. Until now, I have been wondering how many people really love me and will there be even ten in hundreds of people I know who would cry for me when I die! I have been thinking people don’t really care about each other, but self-centered every person is.            Maybe I was wrong! Maybe people are too busy to invest some times in showing their affection towards their loved ones although they have so much of love and care stored up in their hearts, which makes individuals like me feel unloved and uncared without a direct expression. There are a lot more people who wish for their kith and kin to speak and show it if they really care for them. With the change in era, people would indubitably feel the touch of love and affection if only expressed openly.
The deceased was only in mid-twenties (about my age) which made me feel more petrified on discerning that no age matters when it comes to death. When time comes, it can be her/him, you or every mortal whatever the form is to kiss goodbye to the heavenly world. For uncertain our life is, I say, let no sorrow overtake our wellbeing but happiness be our only feeling. High-tech, powerfully sophisticated devices have succeeded in controlling and luring human minds towards them, breaching the beautiful bonds even amongst the so-loved souls. As wisely observed by His Holiness, Dalai Lama, people are being used and materials are being loved with excessive attachment in today’s era. I could feel the premonition of brutality and homicide among the living souls over the trivial lifeless things. Pray that doesn’t befall upon us! We are the core change of everything around us and only we can stop a floodgate to such catastrophe. Therefore, let’s love each other, not the things. Things are merely created to be used.
Someone has come up with a beautiful story in which Parents come across what their child has written on one of his class activities. Both had their emotion stirred into tears by their child’s innocent words which read, “I wish to be reborn as a smart phone because my parents love it more than me!” Computers, phones, iPads and many other technological devices have succeeded in reigning today’s world, but what matters most is how we utilize them. Let’s run them under our control, rather than dancing under their influence.
At the funeral hundreds of people had gathered and were lamenting over the corpse. Perhaps, some are tears of guilt for the mistreatment of a deceased while alive, some tears of remorse for not being able do the best for the deceased, and some tears of anger with pain for unanticipated eternal departure from them. Your grief echoes your heartiest warmth for the deceased, but the guilt and remorse shows that you must have (or not) done while the person was breathing. If you are guilty of having ill-treated anyone in your life, you are on stage of transition to being a divine soul who is learning to care for other living souls for you have learnt that cruelty and transgression earns you no merit, but hurt countless souls are left. Remorse is another great lesson that we acquire through experience. If you regret over what you have (not) done, for sure you will have your whims and courage gathered next time to fill up the gaps you have left in the past.   The way I see the human nature ( majority of us), though so much of love we have in our hearts for our dearest ones, we seem to withhold it rather than letting it freely flow towards the people we care for. We wear solemn face and bitter-toned we become towards our loved ones which is just the opposite of how we treat our acquaintances and strangers. If we could display such respectful manners towards strangers, we could treat our close ones the same way or even better. However, we make them weep who love us the most…
Horror-struck for sure I was with the awkward pain, but the lesson fallen upon me shall never be forgotten, but I promise to breath and live my life with it until the last beat of my heart. Our Hearts be adorned with kindness that shall only bring the smile upon our faces! Let’s promise to love and cherish our beloved ones and all with all our hearts when we are breathing still so that no guilt or repentance is weighed upon our souls but peace at all times we shall spend with. Let’s forget what deprives us of joy and happiness, but enmesh with what cheers us the most and without end. Let’s stay HAPPY, now and ever.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

When I'm Gone...

Smile at me with those beautiful lips,
Talk to me I insist when I am close,
But be careful of words you speak
That may stretch us apart and ruin
The splendor we see in being us;
Like me and ne’er let me weep,
And every day I plead make my day
And I swear I’ll make yours;
Let no fury or disgust swab our smiles,
But with harmony let’s our bond be adorned
For ephemeral our life is which,
I beseech, we shall spend through delight;
‘Cause when I’m gone and no more you'd see me,
Unheard your words shall only fade away,
Unfelt your warmth shall just cool away
And chained-up your rueful soul shall remain.
So hide not but bare your heart out,
Show that truly you care for me,
That you respect and adore me
In the person I am and I’ll be, and talk me
Into believing every word you say,
‘Cause when I’m gone and you’d miss me,
Beyond your reach I’d have gone and
Unheard your words shall only fade away,
Unfelt your warmth shall just cool away,
And chained-up your rueful soul shall remain.

So LOVE me when you can!!! 

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Discovering Self!

With my head laid idly on the spongy pillow and my folded hands rested on my chest, I often dig deep down into my brain in search of answers to the certain significant questions that has been running through the wires of my brain for ages. Frustrated, anxious, and perplexed I have been through, still faint and imprecise the image that I so desire to perceive. It is a total strange to find how difficult it is to understand self and to discover the sole purpose of one’s existence. For more than 20 years I have been breathing and I wonder sometimes what I have been doing all those years for I didn’t spare single a second to know myself. I remember reading stories of fictitious characters, biographies of long dead leaders and pioneers, environments, societies and its inhabitants, and so on, but never me. If any question is asked about me, dumbfounded for sure I would remain. No definite response do I have to give you!
Do you want to play football? Fine, let’s do that! I would concede. Whatever you are having! Doing! I have been doing what they do. I’ve been eating what they eat. I have never been myself. I never had my own life, but mimicry of others and their commands. Now that I realized, I have never tried to learn what I like, what I want and the kind of person I am. It’s all about the vast world and I forgot my own. I play games, sing and dance, draw, teach, counsel, and a lot more, but none of them pleasures me a minute. I learnt them with my friends while they were jovially engaged in them. But now they don’t interest me anymore and I have nothing I enjoy doing. It sounds crazy, but for real I am bereft of any interest.
Sixteen years of education and additional one year of professional training I have lived devouring and assimilating everything fed upon me, and now I see myself as dignified someone with pride and ego upheld in the kind of identity I am known by to society, but it isn’t me. Not a real me. Every time I look into the mirror, the figure in reflection never had me feel like my own but someone else. It is like I am looking at another person who resembles me- someone I know but not really. It scares me sometimes to look at that person in the mirror. Loathed sometimes and pitied at times, but confusingly I often long to get closer to him and know him well. I ought to figure that out for the clarity of my aspiration and desire in which I find my joy.
I get dressed and my hairs neatly combed back every day, but I walk lost in thousands of thoughts to work that wears me out before working and my day is spoilt from the start. I know I don’t like following times and order, but I follow and it gets on nerves. I don’t like crowds and being pushed and pulled, but still I am trapped in it. Why is it so difficult for me to get through such nasty world? I know there’s something I want- something I like doing and enjoy to bits. But what is it that I really seek?

With my notion to adapt and find interest in the job I am doing now, I received it delightfully and given my all. And I see myself pretty accomplished in it and no difficulties I find so far. Well paid and hallowed, safe and clean, still there is something missing in it. No matter how assiduously I endeavor and accomplish, I am always dissatisfied and unhappy with it. Something is really amiss. I don’t find enjoyment in it and I am all cursed with demotivation. I think it isn’t my cup of coffee. There is one, somewhere on earth, where I belong to- something I can sleep with and one that could suffice my hunger- and I must get hold of it before I fall into the black hole. Months and years might it take in venturing on self-discovery, but even if I have to circumambulate the earth, I ought to gather my thoughts together and direct myself towards the place I belong to for my peace at stake. I don’t want to suffocate anymore in this vicinity that never meant for me.  I don’t want to waste my innate potentials and knowledge which are still limbering to be used for better cause. Most importantly, purpose I must fulfill of my presence on earth and find a real happiness from being true self, shedding off the fa├žade of someone I never was. 

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Hope On

Like the seasonal snowflakes,
Pain is fairly short-lived and there is joy to relish soon
Like the summer rain,
Opportunities in profusion- grasp them accordingly;
Like the mighty Mt. Everest,
Remain impervious no matter how intense the storm is;
You’re the victor since you were in mother’s womb,
Who won the race to human world;
You’re the invincible warrior since childhood,
Bold and undefeated, the one who resisted
All woes and foes of life and still battling;
You’re the joy-giver whose mere existence
Brings jovial smiles upon many faces-
Don’t let your decision wipe the smile off their faces;
You’re the guardian of your life, protect it;
You’re the adornment of your life, embellish it;
You’re the soul of your life, love it no matter how tough it becomes
For there is certainly light at the end of the tunnel!

Thursday, January 21, 2016


Believe me I speak of no falsehood,
But of sincerity my heart aches for you;
Yangdey! The enchanting divine soul,
Let no tear fall and fear of denial rule,
'Cause in you I find comfort to my gloom;
Appeasing just to look at and to be with,
No sorrow my heart knows but the delight
Even in precarious unsolicited plight;
So pious and angelic, Yangdey you’re!
Merely a word or a second span of discourse,
Enormous glee you surge me with;
Gracious you! Adorable and alluring,
Do you spare a second for muggins here?
Brooding upon the endearments delivered
And pleased at the word of untainted soul;
Beautiful Yangdey, the reason I so smile!
Hear the amorous soul that yearns for you
And feel the warmth my heart radiates for you-
‘Cause you’re, the most beautiful thing ever
That makes my heart flutter!

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Vale of Tears

Souls in fear of uncertain but rampant chaos,
Where the cities bombed and thousands slayed,
Houses broken and the valuable coffers emptied,
Innocents trafficked and the felony at rise,
Commoners conned and the power misused-
The Almighty! Where is the peace you promised?
For love debasing and wars right at the door,
Infected minds with greed and hatred at dispersal,
Altruism waning and egoism the victorious devil,
Compassion at stake and bliss only a wistful wish,
But antipathy even amongst the esteemed bloods,
Soulless and callous, havens blemished with vices
And enmity on the rise as the blazing fire-
God! Where is the peace prayed for everyday? 

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Unknown, But a Friend

Unmistakably told “uncertain the life is” and truly I believe for future is unseen nobody could predict. Even the fortunetellers are wrong often, forget the hapless commoners or the ordinary sedulous bigwigs. Every day, we encounter the people from different walks of life and for some, they get friends, adopted brothers and sisters for some and even adopted parents, lovers and for unfortunate ones, rivalries, and so on. Everything happens through co-incidence and accidental interactions although some are planned and intentional, and unanticipatedly, whole worldly mortals are bound within the whirl of weal and woe, and no man has the escape route from such unavoidable circumstances unless you kick the bucket. But be afraid not. You’re not the lone gamer, but the whole world is with you to battle the woes for the peace at stake. However, it is not the philosophical world I am going to take you through, but an amigo, the soul of pure affability, I wish to make known to you.

Beautiful by the appearance, so is her heart- kind and appeasing- no doubt the lady from Drukyal she is. Complete stranger she is to me and so am I to her, but for ages her amiability makes me feel like I have known her. Gracious she, balmy it is to have discourse with her, pleasing is her words and the voice, and delight I find in her presence. Beyond doubt, all men’s desire she is.
Confused and indecisive she was during the time of our first rendezvous, and the anxiety turned all her ways into blind spots. So innocent as the fresh graduate, hordes of anxious thoughts were running through her mind like the cars racing. Erratic and unstable, poor dame fell the victim to fear and shame of being still without a job. Then, to her rescue, the entrance of her rescuer, the hero, appeared the sight of her quagmire (LOL).

Eldest by the birth order, but young at age, the beauty is in haste to embark upon the opulence possession for concern she has of her unstable family socio-economic status and the needs of her three younger school-going siblings she must fulfill. Fretful and lost, plethora of detrimental emotions she has gathered in her soul and prepared she is to jump on any boat that comes onshore first. Holly God! Safe haven she must need to think of what’s best for her and to decide wisely the optimal choice of her interest and something rewarding. She ought to watch her steps, or else, she might fall into the abyss of repentance and desolation.

Lost in the maze with numerous choices like overseas, survey, pedagogy, modeling and more, the lady was left baffled and stagnant. Moreover, completely diffident she was with racing trepidation crossing her mind. Days and weeks have elapsed, still so absorbed we are into stern, comical and inane dialogues, and sometimes tittle-tattle, but glad to see the little princess becoming spunky and resolute each passing day. Sharp as the lazar, concrete as the metal and clear as the crystal the lady is yet to be- certainly someday in future and she ought to be for strong basis she must build to sustain herself and her beloved ones, and importantly, the purpose of her existence must she find so that no remorse impedes her peace-of-mind later.

Indecisive sure she is with dithering thoughts and agony, but flamboyance and cordiality in her gestures is a real deal to be appreciated and admired. Additionally, intelligent and knowledgeable she is behind beautiful countenance- truly a rare gem in millions. Soft-spoken she is and moreover, benevolence I could feel in her with no doubt. Wow! The woman truly has the charisma and divinely agreeable disposition any man would be obsessed with. But she is just a friend to me and no romance, as you may assume of me, constitutes the bond between us. We are good friends for now and what happens next, I leave the rest upon the destiny (LOLLLLLLL).

So, that’s a brief intro about the unknown mademoiselle and a bit info I knew about her. Let’s hope for its sequel if fate favorably determines the continuity of the unfinished story.