Friday, June 10, 2016

Let’s learn to LOVE…

The momentary sight at cremation still has my heart palpitate and fear run down my spines.  A woman was in pain, tears inevitably overflowing her pretty eyes, and I was there dumbfounded, emotionally struck by moaning souls. Grief-stricken, words playing about her stammering tone, the woman has lost her daughter to the death. She is in disbelief that her daughter has now only remained as the corpse, but the grief weighed upon her heart is beyond the imagination of those who experienced no demise of one’s close ones.
The more painful sight I witnessed at the spot was the few years old child who has lost her mother at so young age and she doesn’t even know her mother has passed away. I wonder what it would be like to feel when she is grown enough to know that her mother has left the world since she was three. So innocent and bereft of any idea about death, the child was piteously playing with other kids and it pained me even more knowing that she has to confront the worldly affairs without a mother. Her mother’s affection has ceased before she learnt what mother’s love is.
More people were shredding tears and the vast sky in its gloomy temperament, shone no sun as if it understood the pain people were going through the very day. Until now, I have been wondering how many people really love me and will there be even ten in hundreds of people I know who would cry for me when I die! I have been thinking people don’t really care about each other, but self-centered every person is.            Maybe I was wrong! Maybe people are too busy to invest some times in showing their affection towards their loved ones although they have so much of love and care stored up in their hearts, which makes individuals like me feel unloved and uncared without a direct expression. There are a lot more people who wish for their kith and kin to speak and show it if they really care for them. With the change in era, people would indubitably feel the touch of love and affection if only expressed openly.
The deceased was only in mid-twenties (about my age) which made me feel more petrified on discerning that no age matters when it comes to death. When time comes, it can be her/him, you or every mortal whatever the form is to kiss goodbye to the heavenly world. For uncertain our life is, I say, let no sorrow overtake our wellbeing but happiness be our only feeling. High-tech, powerfully sophisticated devices have succeeded in controlling and luring human minds towards them, breaching the beautiful bonds even amongst the so-loved souls. As wisely observed by His Holiness, Dalai Lama, people are being used and materials are being loved with excessive attachment in today’s era. I could feel the premonition of brutality and homicide among the living souls over the trivial lifeless things. Pray that doesn’t befall upon us! We are the core change of everything around us and only we can stop a floodgate to such catastrophe. Therefore, let’s love each other, not the things. Things are merely created to be used.
Someone has come up with a beautiful story in which Parents come across what their child has written on one of his class activities. Both had their emotion stirred into tears by their child’s innocent words which read, “I wish to be reborn as a smart phone because my parents love it more than me!” Computers, phones, iPads and many other technological devices have succeeded in reigning today’s world, but what matters most is how we utilize them. Let’s run them under our control, rather than dancing under their influence.
At the funeral hundreds of people had gathered and were lamenting over the corpse. Perhaps, some are tears of guilt for the mistreatment of a deceased while alive, some tears of remorse for not being able do the best for the deceased, and some tears of anger with pain for unanticipated eternal departure from them. Your grief echoes your heartiest warmth for the deceased, but the guilt and remorse shows that you must have (or not) done while the person was breathing. If you are guilty of having ill-treated anyone in your life, you are on stage of transition to being a divine soul who is learning to care for other living souls for you have learnt that cruelty and transgression earns you no merit, but hurt countless souls are left. Remorse is another great lesson that we acquire through experience. If you regret over what you have (not) done, for sure you will have your whims and courage gathered next time to fill up the gaps you have left in the past.   The way I see the human nature ( majority of us), though so much of love we have in our hearts for our dearest ones, we seem to withhold it rather than letting it freely flow towards the people we care for. We wear solemn face and bitter-toned we become towards our loved ones which is just the opposite of how we treat our acquaintances and strangers. If we could display such respectful manners towards strangers, we could treat our close ones the same way or even better. However, we make them weep who love us the most…
Horror-struck for sure I was with the awkward pain, but the lesson fallen upon me shall never be forgotten, but I promise to breath and live my life with it until the last beat of my heart. Our Hearts be adorned with kindness that shall only bring the smile upon our faces! Let’s promise to love and cherish our beloved ones and all with all our hearts when we are breathing still so that no guilt or repentance is weighed upon our souls but peace at all times we shall spend with. Let’s forget what deprives us of joy and happiness, but enmesh with what cheers us the most and without end. Let’s stay HAPPY, now and ever.

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